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Why I do fashion photography

Hello world! This is my first official blog post...ever. I just wanted to talk about why I do fashion photography. Basically, it is just something about creating a product that does not already exist. I believe I am a creator and a designer, whether that is creating an original photo concept, or creating a song, or creating an event like I did back in college or whatever it is. I create!

It's a special thing to come together with a group of people or even one person with a creative idea then plot and plan to make this vision come to life. The initial meetings, the mood boards, casting the model, drafting different mock-ups of the set design, choosing the color scheme and more. I love creating a piece of art that basically says..."hey...what if the world was like this?" It's very cool and everyone should be a creator of SOMETHING. Some kind of content that makes people stop even if it is for a few moments flipping the page in a magazine or scrolling through your Instagram feed and transporting that person to a different place in their mind. A brief escape from other otherwise ordinariness and predictability of typical day-to-day living.

This is why I do fashion photography.

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