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I've always been creative and organized and wanted to be an architect as a kid!  I was in band between 6th grade and junior year of college with french horn being my main instrument, planned events while in college, I write music and blog. 

I shoot everything from weddings, products, to models and actors including some familiar faces you've seen on TV, social media, magazines, and billboards. My bread n' butter being fashion photography, most of my work is influenced from  fashion advertising campaigns and editorials.  

After attaining my BS in Psychology at Ball State University in 2012, I moved to New York City and shot for model agencies and other clients before returning home after a year and graduated from BSU again in 2018  with a MS in Urban Design. After attaining my MS in Architecture from Indiana University in 2023,  I now work full time as an architectural designer in pursuit of my architecture license. 


I give all praises and glory to God whom I believe is responsible for giving me the ability to do anything at all. I believe the meaning of life is to learn what it means to love God and become who He wants you to be.

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